Our client list includes the following:
The Stadium Club
The Cardinal's Club
Double Tree Hotel
Marriott West Hotel
Benedetto's Italian Ristorante
Seventh Inn
Saffron Restaurent
Temple of Israel
Creative Catering
Cafe Demenil
Dierdorf & Harts Steakhouse

to order, please
contact us at 314-469-7879
Double chocolate tortes
Strawberry & white chocolate torte
Banana and milk chocolate torte
Othello torte
Fruit torte (raspberry, black berry, kiwi & chocolate)
Apple cinnamon torte
Lemon torte
Snickers bar cheesecake
Raspberry & white chocolate cheesecake
Key Lime cheesecake

  Individual servings
Eclair Swans
Fresh Fruit torte
Sarah Bernardt
Budapest torte
Rasperry & white chocolate cheesecake
Keylime cheesecake
Snickers bar cheesecake

  Petit Fours
Fresh fruit torte (raspberry, black berry, kiwi & chocolate)
Milk chocolate truffle
Dark chocolate truffle
Raspberry & white chocolate cheese cake
Snickers bar cheese cake
Key Lime cheesecake
Raspberry frangipain
Apricot frangipain
Budapest torte
Baked marzipan
Rum ball

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